WoopChain Core Wallet

2 - Offline Staking

2.2 - Delegating Address Operations.

The Delegate Address transaction is sent to a smart contract which keeps the delegation assignments and will be picked up by the Super Staker there. You can see Delegated Address block reward transactions in the wallet and also with the explorer.

If the wallet is holding WoopCoin on multiple addresses, the delegation must be made separately for each address and the transaction fee paid for each address, to consolidate the UTXOs to a single address before splitting UTXOs and delegating.

If the Super Staker accepts a delegation for a particular fee, and then the Super Staker reduces that fee accepts assignments for a lower fee, to take advantage of that lower fee the user must delegate their address again with the lower fee set. Delegations from a wallet may be checked on the Stake Delegations page.

Remember to Backup your wallet to save a copy of the wallet.dat file.