WoopChain Core Wallet

2 - Offline Staking

2.4 - Launching WoopChain Core as a Super Staker.

The steps show the transition from a default installation WoopChain Core wallet to a Super Staker.

The wallet may also be initially launched as a Super Staker to shorten the steps.

In this case, the initial blockchain sync is accompanied by building the database for address index and log events, so the wallet is all ready for Super Staking.

The WoopChain Core wallet may be launched as a Super Staker with WoopChain Core-QT using Settings - Options – Main – Enable super staking steps as shown above, or directly through the command line.

When the wallet launches and syncs the blockchain, creating address index and log events, it mean it is ready to add Super Stakers.

Configure a Super Staker and then enable super staking on Settings – Options – Main – set "Enable super staking" and the Super Staker will be ready.