WoopChain Core Wallet

2 - Offline Staking

2.6 - Super Staker Operations.

The Super Staker must hold UTXOs to commit to stakes for the delegated UTXOs it is staking. The number of UTXOs is based on Delegated Weight as a percent of overall Network Weight.

Super Stakers should monitor their Wallet weight (UTXO weight minus amount currently staking) and add UTXOs if it drops below several thousand.

Make a backup of the wallet, save the wallet.dat file after the changes in the offline staking configuration, such as adding a Super Staker or adding a delegation, because the offline staking configuration is saved in the wallet.dat file. If the backup wallet.dat file is lost the configuration may also be restored with Recovery.

Normally delegation and Super Staker configuration are stored in the wallet.dat file.

If there are problems with the wallet.dat file the delegation information and super staker information may be recovered using the Restore button on the delegation and Super Staker pages. In this case, the wallet will rescan the "state" contract memory for offline staking transactions for the appropriate addresses.

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