WoopChain Core Wallet

The new core Wallet release stands out as one of the most interesting features from any other wallet. Different Themes mode, RPC Calls, Smart Contract and WoopToken deployment.

1 - WoopChain QT Core Wallet

WoopChain Core Wallet Contain the following:

1.1 - Available Balance

1.2 - Pending Balance

1.3 - Total Balance

1.4 - Transaction

1.5 - Send & Receive

1.6 - Request Payment

1.7 - Wallet Encryption

1.8 - Secure Lock Wallet

1.9 - Wallet Backup

1.10 - WoopToken Deploment

1.11 - Smart Contract Deploment

1.12 - Staking & Offline Staking


Use only the WoopCoin wallet address to whom you want to send WoopCoin/WoopToken.

Label: It is Optional, where you can add the name of the receiver.

Amount: The amount of WoopCoin you want to send.


Here it will show your WoopCoin wallet address and you can generate new ones.

This function can be useful for receiving payments from different senders and track each transaction.

Request Payment

Here you can receive WoopCoin and WoopToken simply by clicking on Request Payment, a popup will open and show your wallet deposit address.


It show you the recent transactions for your WoopCoin and WoopToken for both incoming and outgoing transactions as well Staked coins.

Wallet Encryption

1 - Encrypt the wallet before making the backup this will allow the backup to be encrypted when applied. Go to settings -> Encrypt wallet.

2 - Enter a new password for your wallet, please make sure to remember the password, without it you will lose access to your WoopChain core wallet.

3 - You will get a warning reminder to save the wallet encryption, If you encrypt your wallet and you lose your passphrase, you will Lose all your WoopCoin, make sure to keep your passphrases and password in a secure place.

Unlock Wallet

To unlock the wallet for sending use: Settings/Unlock Wallet Use the Unlock wallet to completely unlock the wallet.

To unlock the wallet for staking only, use the uncheck For Staking Only.

Your passphrase are needed to unlock the wallet.

Wallet Backup

It is recommended to make the backup after encrypting the wallet. To access the backup option, Go to File/Backup Wallet and then we enter route and name.

After the backup name is entered and you verified the route where the wallet is being saved, you can click on save and your wallet will successfully backed up.

Restore Wallet Backup

To restore your wallet from the backup, Go to File/Restore wallet, this will open the dialog which will allow you to restore directly from the WoopChain Core wallet.

Select wallet file to restore from, choose a wallet restore option and the wallet will be restored from the selected location.


In order for staking to take place you must have confirmed transactions on the blockchain. Unlock your wallet prior to staking and before reaching the confirmed imputes.

Make sure to keep your wallet open at all times, or you won’t be able to stake.

To unlock the wallet for staking only, select the main menu "Stake” option to show the Stake page.

Click the Staking button to the right, then enter the passphrase to unlock for staking only and activate staking.

If you unlocked the wallet using Settings, Unlock wallet and the Unlock wallet page, the Stake menu Staking button must also be clicked and activated for staking.

Remember your wallet must be open at all time, if you close it, you won’t be able to stake.