WoopChain FAQ

WoopChain Configuration.

WoopChain Troubleshooting

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When you are using a wallet to make a transaction with WoopChain, please make sure that in your wallet's local
network setup:

  1 .   The default chainID for WoopChain Mainnet is 139.
  2 .   Make sure that, on the “RPC URL”, field you use the JSON RPC port of the node.

Mainnet Wallet Connection

Description Network Setup
Network Name: WoopChain
RPC Url: https://rpc.woop.ai/rpc
Symbol: WOOC
Chain ID: 139
Block Explorer URL: https://explorer.wikiwoop.com/

Testnet Wallet Connection

Description Network Setup
Network Name: WoopChain Testnet
RPC Url: https://rpctestnet.woop.ai/rpc
Symbol: TWOOC
Chain ID: 138
Block Explorer URL: https://testnet.wikiwoop.com/
Faucet URL: https://faucet.wikiwoop.com/

How to get a WebSocket URL
By default, when you run a WoopChain node, it exposes a WebSocket endpoint based on the chain location. The URL scheme wss:// is used for HTTPS links, and ws:// for HTTP.

Localhost WebSocket URL:

ws://< JSON-RPC URL>:< PORT>/ws

Please note that the port number depends on the chosen JSON-RPC port for the node.

WoopChain WebSocket URL:


insufficient funds error when trying to deploy a contract. If you get this error, please make sure you have enough funds on the desired address, and the address used is the correct one.