Wikiwoop Documentations

How Wikiwoop Social App Works:

  1. Sign-Up Steps:
    • Enter invitation access (if available).
    • Add Personal Information: First and Last name, Username, Email address, and Gender.
    • Agree to Terms: Review all guidelines and terms, then type “Agree” to confirm.
    • Secure Your Account: Create a strong password and confirm your username.
    • Registration Completed: You are good to go!

  2. WooWallet Activation:
    • Activate Your Wallet: From your dashboard, initiate the activation of your WooWallet.
    • Save Your Recovery Phrases: It is crucial to securely store your 12 secret recovery phrases. These phrases are essential for recovering your account if you ever lose access. Without these phrases, you will permanently lose access to your account and all associated assets.
    • Take Charge of Your Security: You are entirely responsible for the safety of your account. Ensure that your recovery phrases are kept in a secure location to prevent unauthorized access and potential loss.

  3. Profile Setup:
    • Personalize Your Profile: Add a profile picture, a header image, and fill in details like bio, interests, education, and privacy settings to tailor your content and connections for a more customized experience.

  4. Content Creation and Publishing:
    • Create and Customize: You can create various types of content, including text posts, photos, videos, etc. Customize each piece with hashtags, descriptions, and locations.

    • Monetization Setup: By default, all functions are enabled. You can:
      • Enable/disable comments.
      • Enable/Disable reposting.
      • Enable/Disable post recommendations.
      • Tag someone or something.
      • Add post location.
      • Add post description.
      • Add post hashtag.

    • Viewing Control: Choose who can view your content and where it will appear, ensuring your creations are shared with the right audience based on your privacy preferences.

  5. Royalty Tokens Rewards:
    • Engagement-Based Rewards: Earn royalty tokens based on the level of engagement your content and profile receive—views, likes, shares, comments, and other interactions.
    • Visitor Rewards: Visitors who actively engage with your content also earn tokens, promoting a collaborative and mutually beneficial ecosystem.
    • Further Rewards Solution: Visitors owning Woopcoin can send Woopcoin gifts to your content and profile.
    • Messaging While Earning: Convert each text message into a royalty token earning opportunity.

  6. AI Integration and Personalization:
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Ask Woopi: A chatbot that uses natural language processing to create humanlike conversational dialogue, capable of responding to questions and composing written content.

    • Future Implementation and Use of Woopi AI:
      • Content Discovery: AI analyzes user interactions to suggest relevant connections and content.
      • Moderation: AI ensures that harmful or inappropriate content is flagged.
      • Comments AI: Enable content comments using AI solutions.
      • Content AI: Enable AI to generate and automatically publish posts.
      • Persona AI Avatar: Develop personalized AI avatars for enhanced user interaction.

  7. Community Engagement and Governance:
    • Community Voting: Participate in community governance by voting on reported content, user verification updates, and new features. Each decision requires 51% voting to be elected.
    • Discussion and Collaboration: Join interest groups to network, collaborate, and expand your reach within the Wikiwoop community. Engagements in these areas can also earn rewards.
    • Voting Rights: Each holder of WoopCoin has voting rights, where 1 WoopCoin equals 1 vote. More WoopCoin a user holds, the more voting power they possess.

  8. Token Management and Redemption:
    • Track Earnings: View your royalty token earnings from your Wallet under your dashboard.
    • Redeem Tokens: Redeem tokens directly from your wallet to be converted into WoopCoin, allowing you to gift other users or transfer funds to any other wallet. Tokens can also be exchanged for other currencies from listed exchanges.


The Wikiwoop Social App offers a comprehensive platform that simplifies the way users interact with digital content and each other. The app ensures a user-friendly and secure experience. Wikiwoop enhances user interaction and content discoverability. Furthermore, the app's innovative reward system incentivizes active participation by distributing royalty tokens for engagement. Overall, Wikiwoop stands out by providing a robust platform that not only prioritizes user security and customization but also fosters a dynamic community through its unique features and functionalities. This makes Wikiwoop an ideal choice for users looking to harness the power of social media in a more controlled and rewarding environment.