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 INTRODUCTION  The purpose of this document is to give an overview introduction to the general business reader. The document outlines its functions, technology, and the impact of Wikiwoop platform services, on both existing and emerging markets. Since Wikiwoop is a global project, we anticipate that readers from a variety of backgrounds will read this document, the original version of this document is written in English, and the translated versions are available in other languages. We have made every effort to make the translated versions as readable and understandable as possible.

1 - Wikiwoop Social Community App

Wikiwoop decentralized social community provides free services, which enables you to engage and interact socially and privately with family, friends and people all over the world. It gives you the power to control how your contents will be published. The key difference between Wikiwoop social community and the traditional one is that Wikiwoop is built on its own blockchain network WoopChain, as a decentralized social application which provide royalties crypto assets earning base on your content activities.

The internet has become a daily necessity, especially for our day-to-day connectivity. The issue with the internet, as we currently know it, is that all our data is kept in a centralized server, without us knowing that who has access to our data. Web centralization is undesirable as our data has been managed and restricted for decades by centralized governments, who control our contents and links to foster a toxic and manipulated environment through the use of centralized servers. Wikiwoop's goal with web3 technology is to develop and support a decentralised protocol that is effective at protecting data and privacy without a centralised authority that can restrict our freedom.

Fully decentralised, the Wikiwoop Social Community App (the “Wikiwoop App”) is the first decentralized application created on the WoopChain network. Using a decentralized network and database that grants community members the right to free speech and provides revenue based on content activity. In addition to being a decentralised community, Wikiwoop was developed to offer incentives based on content activities. On the Wikiwoop App, you can make money without having to be a well–known figure with thousands of followers. The Wikiwoop App gives value to all kinds of content, it can be an image of your trip with a short caption or a story you wish to share. At Wikiwoop, we believe that it is crucial to have control over your own privacy, free from any government interference or middleman who might stifle our freedom.

the content owner's can keep their content and data secure with the Wikiwoop App, because they will be saved on the decentralised blockchain using the decentralised network, where only the content owner will have access to this data. Without the content owner's specific consent, no other proxy will be able to access the data and manipulate, tamper with, or censor it in any manner. Only the owner has the authority to control who may view this information and under what conditions. It is crucial to understand that when using the Wikiwoop App, your data will follow you everywhere you go. If you create multiple accounts on the WoopChain network for other services, you will not need to manually synchronise your data or followers; instead, everything will be done automatically.

Wikiwoop cannot perform actions including but not limited to deleting, suspending, or blocking accounts, modification of the Wikiwoop App, or taking down any user contribution from the Wikiwoop App. Whenever a situation arises, wherein a decision has to be taken regarding such matters, fifty-one percent (51%) of the WoopCoin holders need to vote in favor or against the issue raised so that an action can be taken accordingly. Each WoopCoin is equal to one (1) vote. Please note that even if your content is restricted following the voting, you still remain the owner of your content. Since everything is registered on the blockchain, the content cannot be lost, destroyed, or deleted.


For any picture or other intellectual property over which you have absolute rights, you can be rewarded with royalties every time someone sees it, likes it, or maybe even comments, among other things. Using Wikiwoop Social Community App, it becomes possible for you to convert these views, likes, comments, etc., into WoopToken(s) instantly. Additionally, the visitors engaging with your picture or other intellectual property earn WoopToken(s) for their engagement or other activities. Additional pages like hashtags can also be created for the picture or other intellectual property, resulting in the generation of WoopToken(s) for both you and the visitor.

There are endless earning options when using the Wikiwoop App. Revenue can be earned through every such activity and for every time the Wikiwoop App is used. Every content or intellectual property can be created, published, converted to an NFT, and sold at a price favorable to you. You can also earn royalties via the NFT content every time the NFT content is sold.


By interacting in the social community, anyone can instantly generate WoopToken and convert them into the WoopCoin. Thus, Wikiwoop is using the WooPost earning model (Click to Earn) which provides an added value and contrary to only a reward for engaging in the community, it is a value for the contents. In many ways, the WooPost earning can be seen as earning royalties for the community contents, which gives more value to the member time spent, transactions and engagement. In fact, it gives more value to our contents and more engagement, which will be rewarded instantly. The WoopToken earning can be converted into WoopCoin which enables the Send/Receive and hold, staking WoopCoin options.


The percentages are divided as follows:

  WoopToken (WOOT) Earning
Earning Function 1
Earning Function 2
Earning Function 3
Earning Function 4
Earning Function 5
Earning Function 6
Earning Function 7
Level 1
1  To  250
1.00 WOOT
0.80 WOOT
0.50 WOOT
0.40 WOOT
0.20 WOOT
0.10 WOOT
0.05 WOOT
Level 2
251  To  500
1.20 WOOT
0.810 WOOT
0.510 WOOT
0.410 WOOT
0.210 WOOT
0.110 WOOT
0.051 WOOT
Level 3
501  To  1,000
1.30 WOOT
0.820 WOOT
0.520 WOOT
0.420 WOOT
0.220 WOOT
0.120 WOOT
0.052 WOOT
Level 4
1,001  To  5,000
1.40 WOOT
0.830 WOOT
0.530 WOOT
0.430 WOOT
0.230 WOOT
0.130 WOOT
0.053 WOOT
Level 5
5,001  To  10,000
1.50 WOOT
0.840 WOOT
0.540 WOOT
0.440 WOOT
0.240 WOOT
0.140 WOOT
0.054 WOOT
Level 6
10,001  To  25,000
1.60 WOOT
0.850 WOOT
0.550 WOOT
0.450 WOOT
0.250 WOOT
0.150 WOOT
0.055 WOOT
Level 7
25,001  To  50,000
1.70 WOOT
0.860 WOOT
0.560 WOOT
0.460 WOOT
0.260 WOOT
0.160 WOOT
0.056 WOOT
Level 8
50,001  To  100,000
1.80 WOOT
0.870 WOOT
0.570 WOOT
0.470 WOOT
0.270 WOOT
0.170 WOOT
0.057 WOOT
Level 9
100,001  To  250,000
1.90 WOOT
0.880 WOOT
0.580 WOOT
0.480 WOOT
0.280 WOOT
0.180 WOOT
0.058 WOOT
Level 10
250,001  To  500,000
2.00 WOOT
0.890 WOOT
0.590 WOOT
0.490 WOOT
0.290 WOOT
0.190 WOOT
0.059 WOOT
Level 11
500,001  To  1,000,000
2.10 WOOT
0.900 WOOT
0.600 WOOT
0.500 WOOT
0.300 WOOT
0.200 WOOT
0.060 WOOT
Level 12
1,000,001  To  2,500,000
2.20 WOOT
0.910 WOOT
0.610 WOOT
0.510 WOOT
0.310 WOOT
0.210 WOOT
0.061 WOOT
Level 13
2,500,001  To  5,000,000
2.30 WOOT
0.920 WOOT
0.620 WOOT
0.520 WOOT
0.320 WOOT
0.220 WOOT
0.062 WOOT
Level 14
5,000,001  To  10,000,000
2.40 WOOT
0.930 WOOT
0.630 WOOT
0.530 WOOT
0.330 WOOT
0.230 WOOT
0.063 WOOT
Level 15
10,000,001  To  25,000,000
2.50 WOOT
0.940 WOOT
0.640 WOOT
0.540 WOOT
0.340 WOOT
0.240 WOOT
0.064 WOOT
Level 16
25,000,001  To  50,000,000
2.60 WOOT
0.950 WOOT
0.650 WOOT
0.550 WOOT
0.350 WOOT
0.250 WOOT
0.065 WOOT
Level 17
50,000,001  To  75,000,000
2.70 WOOT
0.960 WOOT
0.660 WOOT
0.560 WOOT
0.360 WOOT
0.260 WOOT
0.066 WOOT
Level 18
75,000,001  To  100,000,000
2.80 WOOT
0.970 WOOT
0.670 WOOT
0.570 WOOT
0.370 WOOT
0.270 WOOT
0.067 WOOT
Level 19
100,000,001  To  150,000,000
2.90 WOOT
0.980 WOOT
0.680 WOOT
0.580 WOOT
0.380 WOOT
0.280 WOOT
0.068 WOOT
Level 20
150,000,001  To  200,000,000 +
3.00 WOOT
0.990 WOOT
0.690 WOOT
0.590 WOOT
0.390 WOOT
0.290 WOOT
0.069 WOOT

For example; the earnings start as 1 WooToken (WOOT) per activity; when an account reaches level 10 and has 1 Million followers, the earnings of that account will be 1.09 WooToken instead of 1 WooToken per activity.


Unlock Functions
Level 2
251  To  500
Live Story - Embed URL - Invite - Notifications Setting - Language - WoopCoin Earning
Level 3
501  To  1,000
WooGroups - Q&A - Send Message - Dark Mode - Wallet Transactions - WoopToken Swap
Level 4
1,001  To  5,000
WooShop - WooMarket - WooDemand - WooLibrary - Wallet Currency
Level 5
5,001  To  10,000
WooMedia - WooGames - WooMatch - WooDirections - Request Funds
Level 6
10,001  To  25,000
Content Statistics - Buy and Sell Hashtag - Buy and Sell Location
Level 7
25,001  To  50,000
WooAffiliate Tools - Wallet Withdrawal


WoopTokens are created and held using an earning smart contract; these tokens are allocated to the Wikiwoop social community members. You will earn the WoopTokens based on the performed activities within the social community app using the Click to Earn function. The content earning generates instant WoopTokens that can be swapped or converted into WoopCoin and can be used to perform a transaction(s) on the WoopChain network, such as Staking, voting and validating and can be exchanged into a different currency.


The secret to success in any industry is proper governance. Even though it is commonly known that blockchain is a decentralized network, we believe that the Decentralized Community should handle the governance of the Wikiwoop Social App. This process occurs as WoopCoin is distributed among the community, which gives the community more voting rights. The community collaborates to expand the network and its user base. The scalability of network is related to technical issues and a consensus governance system.

The network will naturally evolve with ongoing upgrades and additions to its features and functionalities, and it will be able to innovate continuously and quickly as a result of the efficiency and operational transparency of the governance structure. The next step in the network is to improve its governance model with the capability for continuous innovation and rapid advancement in ecosystem development. This will help the network achieve its main goal of operating as a fully decentralized public platform with the ability to scale and simultaneously comply with regulators and governments and meet market needs.

We identify the right to choose how the classes will be represented and how decision-making authority will be distributed to reach this new governance consensus. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of such a governance model can lead to greater consensus decision-making that balances the communities' opinions. For instance, no decision can be finalized without the vote of the community members, and for this decision to be valid, it must receive at least fifty-one per cent (51%) of the votes. Voting for this type of governance has a favorable impact on the community's fairness and efficiency.


The voting structure is divided into two categories, i.e., Network Vote and Community Vote. Certain voting rights regarding the social community contents, verification, and other legal matters are available to the community members. The Community members have voting rights over the WoopChain network and the social community.

As Wikiwoop is a decentralized social community, it cannot perform actions such as (but not limited to) deleting, suspending, or blocking accounts or taking down any user contribution from the Wikiwoop App. Whenever a situation arises wherein a decision has to be taken regarding such matters, fifty-one per cent (51%) of the WoopCoin holders need to vote in favor or against the issue raised so that action can be taken accordingly. Each WoopCoin is equal to one (1) vote.


Members, miners, validators, investors, contributors and anyone who have a long-term interest in the community and look after WoopCoin may be rewarded by way of “Staking”. Staking allows you to earn rewards based on the transaction fees through the WoopChain network.

The block rewards incentive for participants (miners, validators) is given in three parts:
    i.  Newly Minted Block (wooc) Subsidy,
    ii.  Transaction Fees,
    iii.  Dapp,Token & Smart contracts Fees.


Another WoopCoin earning is set on the network and verified using a smart contract to all WoopCoin holders. WoopCoin holders and investors will receive an early earning of five percent (5%) for holding their coins for a minimum period of twelve (12) months.


A decentralized chat/messaging network is comparable to any other chat network with the addition of decentralized network, where you can join the rooms created by the community and you can create your own private and public rooms. You can communicate with anyone in any room and engage in both private and public instant chat. Each message that is sent in a room is synchronized to all of the other servers that participate in that room. If one server goes offline, all other participants in the conversation can carry on, and all of the communications that were missed while the server was down will be sent once it is back online. No server, third party, or single proxy can read any communication as all communications are encrypted end to end, making them secure and confidential.

Not to forget, while you are chatting with your family and friends, you will be earning instantly!

Decentralized Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications, VoIP is the transmission of voice and multimedia content over an internet connection and peer-to-peer connection (P2P). The VoIP solution allows you to make voice calls from your Wikiwoop Social Community App. Some of the features will be implemented in the future, such as local and international calls, call recording, custom caller ID, or voicemail to e-mail and a decentralized phone number.