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Wikiwoop Decentralized Social Community Application. Give you the power to convert your contents activities, views, likes, comments, hashtag and messages into crypto!

How Does Wikiwoop Social Community Work?

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First Step: Create an Account for Free!

Enter your Personal info, such as your Full Name, Username, Email Address and Gender.

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Second Step: Confirm that you agree to the terms!

Remember to keep you secret phrase secure, this is the only way to recover your account.

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Third Step: Create a strong password!

Strong passwords are combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols,They should be at least 12 characters long.

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Fourth Step: Add your 12 Mnemonic phrases!

Remember to keep the Mnemonic phrases secure, this is the only way to recover your account. No one else can recover your account.

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Congrats! You are all set.

Welcome to Wikiwoop Decentralized Social Community!

Start posting, exploring and enjoy instant crypto earnings.

What You Get


Content Earning

Content Earning, enables you to earn crypto, based on your content activities, such as posting genuine contents, exploring and engaging with family and friends.


Decentralized Community

Wikiwoop Social community is the first decentralized application, which gives the power to all the community members to vote equally. Each and every single Woopcoin holder has voting rights in the community.


Censorship Free

You have the rights to speak, publish and share freely with your community, no central proxy can censor your contents. To know more please visit the community guidelines.

WooToken Earning

How to earn crypto based on the content activities...


Content Earning

Every post, like, comment, visit, tagged get converted instantly into crypto earnings.


Hashtag Earning

Each new hashtag you create and get visited or tagged, will generates you instant crypto


Explore Earning

Each time you visit contents or someone profile, or pages, these activities get converted into crypto earning instantly.


Like Earning

Let your likes have more value and not just a number. Each time you like someone's content, it will generate both of you instant crypto earnings.


Comment Earning

Comments are important to someone's content, similar to the page reviews, posting a comment enables both of you to instantly generate crypto earnings.


WooChat Earning

WooChat decentralized communication is an encrypted and secure conversation solution, which will also turn your messages into instant crypto earnings

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