Thursday, July 07, 2022

Platform Guidelines

Wikiwoop Inc. (the “Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) aims to provide a community environment where all of our Users can share their opinions freely and learn from each other. Everyone is welcome to come to our Website,,and any related mobile or software applications (collectively the “Platform”) and provide insightful, delightful, and informative thoughts, but we also hope to provide a space where everyone respects each other without spam, abuse, or promotional messages.

We want all Users to feel comfortable and safe being in the space. Therefore, we are setting up some Platformrules to define what is acceptable and what is not, and allUsers are expected to follow our Platform Guidelines (these “Platform Guidelines”).

These Platform Guidelines shall form a part of our Terms and Conditions published on the Platform. You agree to be bound by these Platform Guidelines when you accept our Terms and Conditions. If there exist any contradiction between these Platform Guidelines and the Terms and Conditions, these Platform Guidelines will prevail.Terms not defined in in these Platform Guidelines shall have the same meaning as that defined in the Terms and Conditions published on the Platform.

1 - Insults

1.1 - You agree to be courteous and respectful of other Users. You shall not use words or share content which may be inflammatory or offensive. We strictly prohibit unlawful discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, veteran status, nationality, origin, ancestry, pregnancy status, sex, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, or any other characteristics protected by law.

1.2 - Communicating online through text can lead to misunderstandings, so it is important to give other people the benefit of the doubt and be kind in your interactions. Sometimes it is difficult to know or fully appreciate the situation of the person with whom you are communicating.

1.3 - No one on the Platform should be insulted because of holding different opinions, or for any reason whatsoever. User Contributions should nottarget one or a group of Users.

2 - Conflict In Ideas, Threat

2.1 - If you disagree with another User’s thoughts or ideas, please discuss them rather than personalising the issue and attacking them. We consider a personal attack to be any negative comment directed to or about an individual that is about them personally or uses personal information against them.

2.2 - Users are not allowed to show any intention to threaten a particular user or a group of Users. This includes (but is not limited to) threatening to hurt, kill or sexually assault someone else, or encouraging others to perform the above actions with rewards in return — all of the above are prohibited. This also includes hoping or wishing others to be harmed in any way.

3 - Discrimination


3.1 - We strictly prohibit discrimination, harassment and other forms of bullying including without limits verbal, physical, or visual.

3.2 - Any form of harassment, including (but not limited to) harassment based on sex, race, gender identification, age, occupation, religion, national origins, disability, marital status, crypto beliefs, or political beliefs is prohibited. Any unwanted sexual advances, adult media, sexual discussion, or solicitation of sexual acts are also considered to be a form of harassment which is not allowed on the Platform.

3.3 - Any conduct intended to stalk or harass other Users, or to impede other Users from utilizing the Service, or to degrade the performance of the Service, or to harass other Users, or to incite other Users to perform any of the aforementioned actions, is also disallowed. This includes, but is not limited to, the following behaviours:

3.3.1 - Continuing to engage in conversation with a User that has specifically requested for said engagement with that User to cease and desist may be considered harassment.

3.3.2 - Aggregating, posting, and/or disseminating a person's demographic, personal, or private data without express permissionmay be considered harassment.

3.3.3 - Inciting Users to engage another User in continued interaction or discussion after a User has requested for said engagement with that User to cease and desist may be considered harassment.

3.4 - Our system stops you from posting inappropriate User Contribution(s); however, any form of vulgar wording will not be allowed.

4 - Manipulation


4.1 - We hope everyone on our Platform will have a comfortable space to view different ideas or find insights; please do not repeatedly post similar messages on the Platform.

4.2 - Many Users on the Platform often seek investment ideas, so it is important to provide accurate and real information on the Platform. No User should manipulate or provide incorrect information to other Users, spread rumours about a particular project, coin, stocks, place, or any other subject matter on the Platform, or use community power to cheerlead or bash any project and try to drive the opinion of a certain coin or project.Users shall not create multiple Accounts to post similar messages or opinions either.

4.3 - No User should try to use automated services to post spam User Content or to try to repeatedly attack our system with the intent of crashing the Platform.

5 - Plagiarism

If any User wants to share opinions or articles that were written by other parties or authors, please make sure you state clearly where the sources came from. Please do not directly copy and paste other people’s intellectual property on our Platform without proper citations.

6 - Suspend


As the Platform is decentralised, the Company cannot perform actions such as (but not limited to) deleting, suspending, or blocking an Account, modification of the Platform, or taking down any User Contribution from the Platform. Whenever a situation arises, wherein a decision has to be taken regarding such matters, fifty one percent (51%) of the WoopCoin holders need to vote in favour or against the issue raised so that an action can be taken accordingly. Each WoopCoin is equal to one (1) vote.

7 - Change to the Platform Guidelines

We endeavour to try and provide notice of modifications to thesePlatformGuidelines. However, you also agree that it is also your responsibility to make reasonable efforts to be aware of such modifications.When you continue to use the Platform, after notification of any modifications to thesePlatformGuidelines, it shall mean acceptance of those modifications, and those modifications shall apply to your continued use of the Platform going forward.

8 - Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding these Platform Guidelines, feel free to contact us at

You acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted to be bound by these Platform Guidelines.