Crypto Coins Policy


Thursday, July 07, 2022

Welcome to Wikiwoop Inc. (the “Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our”). This Crypto Coins Policy (this “CryptoCoins Policy”) contains terms and information about WoopCoin. WoopCoin is built on Proof-of-stake (PoS) protocols are a class of consensus mechanisms for blockchains that work by selecting validators in proportion to their quantity of holdings in the associated cryptocurrency. This Crypto Coins Policy contains proprietary material, general information, confidential information, and business trade information, and is the exclusive intellectual property of Wikiwoop Inc. Any unauthorized copying, distribution, or other use of said information or related materials is completely prohibited.

Please read this Crypto Coins Policy, our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Refund, Return and Transaction Policy, and Platform Guidelines, carefully, as they set out the legal obligation vis-à-vis terms and conditions for your interaction and usage of the Platform. If you do not agree with this Crypto Coins Policy, you must stop using or accessing the Platform immediately. Failure to use our Platform in accordance with this Crypto Coins Policy may subject you to civil and criminal penalties. By accessing and /or using our Platform, you agree to this Crypto Coins Policy. Use of our Platform is also subject to additional terms, conditions, and policies that we separately post on our Platform.

This Crypto Coins Policy shall form a part of our Terms and Conditions published on the Platform. You agree to be bound by this Crypto Coins Policy when you accept our Terms and Conditions. If there exist any contradiction between this Crypto Coins Policy and the Terms and Conditions, this Crypto Coins Policy will prevail.

1 - Key Terms

In Crypto Coins Policy (i) capitalised terms defined by inclusion in quotations and/or parenthesis have the meanings so ascribed; and (ii) the following terms have the meanings assigned to them herein below. Terms not defined in this Crypto Coins Policy shall have the same meaning as that defined in the Terms and Conditions and Refund, Return and Transaction Policy published on the Platform.

1.1 - “Address” means a string of characters that represents a wallet that can send and receive cryptocurrency;

1.2 - “Maximum Supply” means the maximum number of coins that will ever exist in the lifetime of the cryptocurrency. It is analogous to fully diluted shares in the stock market;

1.3 - “NFT” means a non-fungible token which is a type of cryptographic token that represents a unique asset. NFTs are tokenized versions of digital or real-world assets. They function as verifiable proofs of authenticity and ownership within a blockchain network. NFTs are not interchangeable with each other and introduce scarcity to the digital world;

1.4 - “Private Key” means a certain key phrase or number which allows users to sign transactions and to generate receiving Address; and

1.5 - “Smart Contract” means a piece of computer software that is designed as an automated self-enforcing contract, which means it triggers certain action after predetermined conditions are met.

2 - Disclaimer

Please review your country’s existing laws and policy before using WoopCoin. We will not hold any liabilities for your actions. You must read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions of this Crypto Coins Policy. Although best efforts are made to ensure that all information is accurate and up to date, occasionally unintended errors and misprints may occur. Our content should only be used for information purposes, and not as a financial advice. Also, it is important to note that any investment may lead to losing your investment, either partially or fully. User may get less amount than the amount invested initially. The capital value of crypto assets may fluctuate, and the price of units can go down as well as up, and so is not guaranteed. The crypto assets market is not regulated. We will not hold any liability whatsoever on any losses that occur due to investment in WoopCoin or any other cryptocurrency available on the Platform or relying on information shared across the physical as well as digital outlets.

3 - What is a CryptoCurrency?

The term “cryptocurrency” has been derived from “the encryption techniques which are used to secure the network.” Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital assets which are based on a decentralized network which operates and is distributed over a dispersed number of nodes. The decentralize network comes from the block chain technology which refer to organizational methods or protocols which control transactional data and ensures the integrity of said transactions. Although receiving various criticisms, cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm and are paving a new financial medium which is proving to be pervasive, secure, and scalable.

4 - Local Laws

Please review your country’s existing laws and policy before using WoopCoin. We will not hold any liabilities for your actions. Like any other cryptocurrency, WoopCoin may -fluctuate hence the User will be solely and entirely liable for their decisions. Any and all disputes will be settled in Canada and as per the laws of Canada.

5 - Alternative Currency

This Crypto Coins Policy only applies to WoopCoin and not to any other cryptocurrency available on the Platform. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the other cryptocurrency providers prior to using, buying, or selling such cryptocurrencies from our Platform.

6 - Mining, Earning & Buying

Thirty percent (30%) of WoopCoins are pre – mined and the remaining seventy percent (70%) are mineable. You shall have the option to earn WooTokens when you perform various activities on the Platform including without limits, using our social media features, performing Transactions, etc. The earned WooTokens can be converted into WoopCoin, and it can be used to perform Transactions. User can also buy WoopCoin and earn profit by staking and/or holding the WoopCoin.

7 - Wallets

7.1 - The Platform has cross wallet compatibility. You may utilize other third-party wallets to conduct Transactions. Please keep your password for the Account secure under all circumstances. In the event, you forget the password for the Account, it is your responsibility to remember the twelve (12) phrases required to recover the password in order to access the Account. If your access credentials are lost, you acknowledge that you may lose access to your Account, wallet, WooTokens, WoopCoins and that the Company cannot recover them for you, as the Platform is decentralised and is in no way responsible for any such losses.

7.2 - You shall receive your earned WooTokens and/or WoopCoins on the wallet Address provided by you through the Platform. We shall not be responsible for any incorrect transmission of WoopTokens and/or WoopCoins to any incorrect Address provided by you under any circumstances.

8 - In Built Exchange

The Platform has inbuilt cryptocurrency exchange and swapping system. The Users can exchange their WoopTokens into WoopCoin as well exchange them into BTC, ETH, XRP, DOGE, SHIB, MANA, and Sand. Also, any kind of token that may be created on the WoopChain can be converted into WoopCoin.

9 - Transaction Process

A Private Key may be required for signing of the Transactions. The Private Key may also be needed for generation of a receiving Address when Users wish to conduct Transactions.

10 - Smart Contracts

The Users may utilize blockchain based Smart Contracts for entering into a Relevant Agreement with each other. We shall not be a party to the Smart Contract based Relevant Agreement nor shall we be made a party to such contract. Code based Smart Contracts may be prone to errors and other deficiencies. The Users of the Platform hereby agree to conduct their due diligence and engage experienced professionals for entering into Smart Contracts.

11 - Cryptography

Where applicable, we shall ensure adequate security measures, cryptography (if applicable) to ensure anonymity of the User in Transactions as much as reasonably possible. To know more about our privacy practises please refer to our Privacy Policy.

12 - WoopCoin Supply

WoopCoin has a Maximum Supply of not more than one trillion (1,000,000,000,000) coins.,and is divided into the following categories:





The lock-in period before the initial coin offering will be twenty – four (24) months; or post the initial coin offering date,the lock-in period will be six (6) months.
2 PRE-MINED: WoopCoins for Company and Advisors 100,000,000,000 10% The lock-in period will beforty–eight (48) months, after which the coins will be released quarterly over a period of twenty - four (24) months.
3 PRE-MINED: Reserved Coins 150,000,000,000 15% The lock-in period will be five (5)years.
4 MINEABLE 700,000,000,000 70% The lock-in period will be twelve (12) months once the coins are mined.
5 TOTAL 1,000,000,000,000 100% Maximum Supply

13 - NFT Sale & Purchase

You may purchase or sell NFT’s utilizing the Platform subject to the laws applicable in your jurisdiction. In the event that you purchase or sell any assets on the Platform in contravention of the local or other laws applicable to your jurisdiction, we shall be protected by safe harbor regulations applicable to us as we solely act as an intermediary allowing Users to connect with each other as well as conduct Transactions for you on your behalf.

14 - Changes to this Crypto Coins Policy

We may revise this Crypto Coins Policy from time to time, without prior notice. You are bound by any changes to this Crypto Coins Policy upon our posting of such changes on the Platform. You should check this Crypto Coins Policy often to make certain that you are aware of the most current Crypto Coins Policy.

15 - Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding this Crypto Coins Policy, feel free to contact us at

You acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted to be bound by this Crypto Coins Policy.