Wikiwoop Documentations

Wikiwoop Social App Layout

Header Details:

  • Notification Icon: Alerts users to new interactions and updates.
  • Messaging Icon: Provides access to direct messages with other users.
  • New Post Icon: Quick access to post creation tools.
  • Filter View: Enables users to filter posts based on preferences such as posts from friends, followed users, or specific interest groups.

Types of Posts Displayed on the Homepage:

  • Picture Posts: Individual images ranging from casual snapshots to professional photography.
  • Before and After Pictures: Show transformations, popular in lifestyle, fitness, beauty, and home renovation.
  • Video Posts: Short-form videos including vlogs, tutorials, and entertainment clips.
  • WooStory: Content available for 24 hours before disappearing.

Types of Posts Displayed on the Second Page:

  • WooTopic Overview: An innovative feature within the Wikiwoop app that combines real-time communication with structured, in-depth discussions. This function allows users to initiate and participate in conversations about current events, personal interests, and more.

Types of Posts Displayed on the Third Page:

  • WooVids Overview: Designed to empower users to create, share, and discover longer-form videos. Woovids enables users to express themselves and connect with a broad audience through engaging video content.

Dashboard Page Overview:

  • Header: Includes profile picture, QR profile, user search, and new post.
  • Ask Woopi: AI-driven chatbot for instant responses.
  • WooWallet: Holds all assets including WoopCoin and royalty earning tokens, plus options for NFTs and asset transfer.
  • Contact List: Manage and create lists of contacts for targeted content sharing.
  • WooDocuments: Manage and edit documents and posts.
  • WooFolder: Organize posts into folders.
  • WooDirectory: Access to blogs, news, and entertainment pages.
  • Save Draft: Stores content drafts.
  • Archive: Stores saved posts from different creators.
  • Collectables: Review and collect NFTs.
  • Stories: View your own published stories by date.
  • Settings Details: Customize app settings including login, notifications, profile visibility, and blocked accounts.

Profile Page Overview:

The Profile page allows for personal customization and public viewing, designed to showcase user activity and manage interactions effectively.

  1. Profile Customization:
    • Add a profile picture, header image, bio, and other personal details.
    • Manage followers, following, and private connections.
    • Note: Private connections are only visible to the user and connected individuals, not to the public.

  2. Content Segmentation:
    • Main Activity: Displays all main posts.
    • WooVids: Showcases all Woovids posts.
    • Owned Content: Displays all hashtags, locations, and other proprietary elements created by the user.
    • Tagged Posts: Shows posts where the user has been tagged.
    • WooDirectory: Access to blogs, news, and entertainment pages published by the user.
    • Collectables: View and manage owned NFTs.
    • WooLinks: Provides links to the user’s other social media profiles and websites.
    • Ranking Level: Displays the user's ranking within Wikiwoop based on followers and interaction levels.

    Each of these sections is designed to provide comprehensive control and insight into the user’s digital footprint on Wikiwoop, ensuring ease of access and robust management of online content and interactions.

Details Available for Each Post:

  1. Post Creator Information:
    • Username: The handle or name of the user who posted the content.
    • Profile Picture: Helps users quickly recognize the poster.

  2. Content Details:
    • Caption: Provides context or additional information about the post.
    • Tags: Keywords, hashtags, and location associated with the post, linking it to related content across the platform.
    • Gift Option: Allows users to send gifts to the post creator as a form of appreciation and support.

  3. Engagement Options:
    • Likes: Users can like posts to show appreciation.
    • Comments: Enables users to discuss the content directly on the post.
    • Private comment: this option enable the visitor to post a comment that only the creator of the content can see and not available for the public.
    • Shares: Facilitates the sharing of posts within or outside of the platform.
    • Save Option: Allows users to save posts for later viewing.
    • Recommendation: Users can recommend posts to other users.
    • Repost: Users can repost content on their profile.
    • Block: Users can block other users from seeing their content.
    • Report: Users can report inappropriate content to maintain community standards.

Posting Page Overview:

WooPosting Functions:

  • WooStory: Allows users to create and share content that is available for 24 hours before disappearing, similar to "stories" on other social platforms.
  • Picture: Users can upload and share static images, capturing everything from everyday moments to high-quality photography.
  • Before & After Picture: Enables users to showcase side-by-side images illustrating transformations, ideal for visual comparisons.
  • Short Video: Supports the upload and sharing of brief video clips, suitable for quick updates, tutorials, or entertaining content.
  • WooTopic: A feature for starting in-depth, discussions and conversations topics.
  • WooVids: Dedicated to longer-form video content, allowing for more detailed and extensive video presentations.
  • WooDocument: Users can share documents, which could include text files, PDFs, or other informational formats suitable for professional or educational content.
  • WooDirectory Page: Allows users to create and manage a curated page that aggregates content like blogs, news, or other resources.
  • WooFolder: Organize posts and content into folders, making it easy to categorize and retrieve various types of posts.

Posting Features:

  • WooTag: Tag other users or relevant objects in posts to increase engagement and visibility.
  • Custom Location: Add location tags to posts to inform viewers where the content was created or is relevant to.
  • Enable/Disable Post Comment: Gives the creator control over whether viewers can comment on a post.
  • Enable/Disable Post Repost: Allows the creator to control if others can repost their content.
  • Enable/Disable Post Recommendation: Enables users to decide whether their post should be recommended to other viewers.
  • Post Description, Include Hashtag and Mention User: Add descriptions to posts, utilize hashtags for broader discoverability, and mention other users to engage them directly.

Posting Visibility Overview:

  • Public: Posts are available to all users on the platform, regardless of connection status.
  • Followers: Posts can be visible to all followers.
  • Followings: Allows users to see posts from accounts they follow.
  • Private Connection: Posts are shared exclusively with designated private connections, enhancing privacy.
  • Only Women: Content visibility restricted to women users.
  • Only Men: Content visibility restricted to men users.
  • Private, Only Me: Content is private and viewable only by the creator.
  • Contact List: Enables posting to specific users or groups, ideal for targeted content sharing.


The Wikiwoop App is meticulously designed to offer users a seamless and engaging digital experience, from easy registration to dynamic content interaction. By providing versatile posting functions like WooStory, WooVids, and WooTopic, Wikiwoop ensures users can creatively express themselves while engaging with a community of like-minded individuals. The intuitive dashboard and profile management tools, coupled with robust security features, empower users to control their digital footprint fully. Moreover, the app's personalized content delivery, driven by user preferences and AI-enhanced features, guarantees that every interaction on the platform is meaningful and tailored. Through its comprehensive suite of features and user-centric design, Wikiwoop redefines social media interaction, making it more accessible, secure, and rewarding for everyone involved.