WoopChain Core Wallet

2 - Offline Staking

2.1 - Delegating Address to Super Staker

WoopChain core wallet allow Offline Staking to the address for a non-staking wallet capable of making the delegation assignment transactions to be delegated to a Super Staker.

Offline Staking is non-custodial: the delegation user keeps full control of their coins and private keys.

The address delegation is made via a smart contract transaction from the delegation user's wallet which identifies the delegator's address, the Super Staker address, and the fee the delegator agrees to pay. If the Super Staker accepts this fee, it will begin staking the delegated address UTXOs.

The normal rules for staking UTXOs apply to delegated UTXOs: UTXOs may only be used for staking after 500 confirmations. The Super Staker will set a minimum size of UTXOs to stake, defaulting to 10,000,000 WoopCoin. Delegated UTXOs below this amount will be ignored.

It is best practice for optimum returns to break UTXOs up into sizes of 1,000,000 WoopCoin each. This also can be easily accomplished with the command line version of splitutxosforaddress.

To make the delegation assignment from the WoopChain Core wallet, select Stake – Delegations, the Add delegation "+" button in the upper right corner, enter the Staker name, for reference only, Staker address, Fee you agree to pay, and your Address to be delegated.

Leave the default Gas settings alone unless you understand how to set these. The delegation transaction will require at least 1 WoopCoin in fees

Press Confirm and Yes to send the delegation transaction.