WoopChain Core Wallet

2 - Offline Staking

2.3 - Super Staker Configuration.

The WoopChain Core wallet provides online Proof of Stake and can be launched and configured to operate as a Super Staker and receive address delegations.

To configure the WoopChain core wallet for a Super Staker, select Stake – Super Staking and the "+" button to add a new Super Staker.

Enter the Staker name for local reference only, here using the first part of the address and "10" to denote a 10% fee, and select the Staker address using the dropdown.

To operate as a Super Staker, the wallet must be able to check arbitrary addresses "address index", have logs enabled for smart contract operations, be enabled for staking and the single parameter -superstaking=true sets these three parameters.

The first time launching with -superstaking=true the wallet will rescan the blockchain to rebuild the database to add the address index and log events.

Next, the wallet will prompt to be restarted as a Super Staker using Settings – Options – Enable super staking and OK to restart the wallet.

On startup, the wallet will confirm that you want to scan and rebuild the database.

The wallet will show "Reindexing blocks on disk…" and "Syncing Headers" while it rebuilds the database, this may take several minutes depending on your computer.

After launching, go back to the Stake – Super Staking page and select the "Configure super staker" button the gear symbol will now be visible to compete the Super Staker configuration.

Click the Custom box to see the default recommendations or customize the setup.

Click OK to complete the setup.

The configuration settings are:

Minimum fee – the minimum fee offered by delegators that the Staker will accept.

Minimum UTXO size – this sets the minimum-sized UTXO that will be evaluated for Proof of Stake consensus by the Staker.

Over time, the delegated address should accumulate many small block reward UTXOs and it is inefficient to manage all these small amounts, which should be recombined by the delegator.

Delegation list type:

Accept all – accept any delegation with the minimum fee or more.

Allow list – only accept delegations from specific addresses. Use this mode if operating a Super Staker only for specific addresses, such as for your coins.

Exclude list – addresses to exclude from being accepted for staking.

Next, split the UTXOs to valid amounts for committing stakes by the Super Staker.

The UTXOs must be a minimum amount of 10,000,000 WoopCoin. On the Super staker page select the split coins button (trident icon) and use the default values or make adjustments, but no UTXOs under 1,000,000 WoopCoin will be used for staking.

Larger wallets may need to adjust the "Maximum outputs" number for splitting.

You can also split UTXOs with the splitutxosforaddress command, which can be used for delegated addresses as well.

To split the UTXOs between a minimum and maximum value, enter the command: splitutxosforaddress "address" minValue maxValue ( maxOutputs ) the split operation will split giving 1,000,000 WoopCoin (minimum size) x 10 (Maximum outputs) = 10,000,000 of UTXO value.

For addresses holding more value the "Maximum output" field could be set higher. Even bigger addresses could just repeat this split command.